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Welcome to the CCSU BlueNet
Accounts Management System.

From here, you can:

  • Activate a new BlueNet Account
  • Manage your e-mail account information, MFA, and display name
  • Retrieve your BlueNet Account username

Your email address and password are used to access most of our computer resources both on and off campus. The BlueNet Account is a unique username assigned to each student, faculty and staff at CCSU. It is used to log in to campus computers, the campus wireless network and for a few other computing services. Both accounts use the same password.

Your email address is used for:

  • Accessing resources via CentralPipeline, including WebCentral-Banner Web, e-billing, and Blackboard
  • Access your CCSU Office 365 e-mail account
  • Access the remote application server (
  • For faculty and staff: Banner Admin Pages and secureapps

To get started, select an option from the right and enter your credentials.