CCSU prides itself on the ease and convenience of its transfer policies.  To help you transfer to the University, we provide here a simple method to determine which credits will transfer upon your matriculation.  Please be aware, however, that the information posted here, while generally accurate, is not official.  All equivalencies will be validated upon your acceptance to CCSU.  Please consult the online Undergraduate Catalog for transfer policies and additional information.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office of Recruitment and Admissions (860.832.CCSU) or via e-mail at  If you have any question about where a course fits into a program, please consult with your academic advisor or contact the relevant CCSU academic department.
If you are interested in particular CCSU course descriptions, please select this link.

Current CCSU students must submit a Request for Transfer Credit Form before taking courses at another institution.

First, select the institution to which you wish to transfer credits.
Then, using your current CCSU catalog, provide the department abbreviation and course number you wish to have considered for transfer equivalency.  The search will report all the matching courses that will transfer credit.
Select a School:
* CSUS: Other Connecticut State University Schools (ECSU, SCSU, WCSU)
  CTCC: All Connecticut Community Colleges
Enter a CCSU Subject Code:   ( e.g. BIO or B or leave blank for all)
Enter a CCSU Course Number:   ( e.g. 110 or 1 or leave blank for all)
Reverse search - if you wish to find out how courses from other CT State Univ institutions or CT community colleges transfer to CCSU, Click Here